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Unique Projectiles - Mega Pack - Vol. 1

Unique Projectiles - Mega Pack - Vol. 1

+600 Effects (Projectiles, Hits/Impacts and Muzzles) including Orbs, Spells, Fireballs, Arrows, Bullets and so much more.


Includes: Unique Projectiles Vol.1 + Unique Projectiles Vol.2 + Unique Projectiles Vol.3 + Unique Toon Projectiles Vol.1


This mega package contains:

200 Projectiles;

200 Hits/Impacts;

200 Muzzles;

3D Shooting Demo;

2D Shooting Demo;

Shaders (master shaders with several function like scroll, distort, dissolve, intersection, smooth edge detection and more)

Textures (flipbooks, muzzles, flares, impacts, smokes, fires, circles and many more)

HDRP and URP only;

- Documentation


Combine Projectiles with different Hits/Impacts or with different Muzzles, it's up to your imagination!


They can be easily re-sized, re-timed and re-colored. All the effects work on any platform.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Available in Unity 2020.3 and 2021.3 for URP and HDRP.


64,00$ Regular Price
32,00$Sale Price

VFX Summer Sale

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