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Unique Stylized Explosions - Vol.1

Unique Stylized Explosions - Vol.1

37 Stylized Explosions such as Ground Explosions, Air Explosions, Nukes, Smokes, Verticals and more. All done entirely with the Particle System and Shader Graph.




This mega package includes:
-13 Ground Explosions 
-9 Air Explosions 
-6 Vertical Explosions 
-3 Circular Explosions 
-3 Nukes 
-3 Smokes 
-Customizable (change color, scale, shader properties, meshes, textures, radius, and more)
-Shaders (3 erosion shaders, 1 fresnel shader, 1 parallax occlusion and 1 simple particle shader)
-Textures (impacts, voronois, trails/ribbons, flipbooks, flares, circles and more)
-HDRPURP and BIRP supported
-Demo Scene


Works from Unity 2021 to 2023.


Shader Graph from the Package Manager is required. 
Contact me for any questions.

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