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Unity VFX Graph - Ice Attack

Unity VFX Graph - Ice Attack

Here's the whole project created for the Ice Attack video.


This package includes:

-9 Stylized Ice Attacks (3 customizable VFX Graphs)

-Highly Customizable (change texture, mesh, rate, color, size, etc. in the inspector)

-Textures (smoke flipbook, impacts, flares etc)

-Shaders (1 ice dissolve shader)

-HDRP and URP only

-Limited Mobile support (high-end mobile devices only)



Originally made in URPadapted to HDRP.

Visual Effect Graph from the Package Manager is required.

Contact me for any questions.


Made with Unity 2020.3 in URP & HDRP.

10,00$ Regular Price
5,00$Sale Price

VFX Summer Sale

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