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Unique Sci-Fi Pack Vol. 1

Unique Sci-Fi Pack Vol. 1

40 Sci-Fi Effects - 7 AOE attacks, 6 Impacts, 5 Loot Drops/Reward, 8 Shields/Barriers, 3 Doors/Force-Fields and 11 Thrusters - entirely made with Particle System - easy to scale and to recolor.



This package contains:

7 AOE Attacks;

6 Impacts;

5 Loot Drops/Reward/Spawn/Buff effects;

8 Shields/Barriers;

3 Doors/Force-Fields;

11 Thrusters;


Textures (Circles, Noise, Gradients, Hexagons, Shapes, Flares, etc)

Shaders (Master Shader with Pan, Tile, Distort, Erode, Alpha Clip, Soft Edge and Intersection)

HDRP, URP and BIRP (built-in);


They can be easily re-sized and re-colored. All the effects work on any platform.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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