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Unity VFX Graph - Sci-Fi Shield

Unity VFX Graph - Sci-Fi Shield

Here's the whole project created for the Sci-Fi Shield video.


This project includes:

-3 Sci-Fi Shields (vfx graph)

-3 Sci-Fi Shields (mesh animation)

-Highly Customizable (change color, size, texture, duration etc. in the inspector)

-Shaders (2 sci-fi shield shader)

-Demo Scripts (move, shoot projectiles and shield collision detection)

-Textures (hexagons and pentagons, flares, impacts)

-HDRP and URP only

-Limited Mobile support (high-end mobile devices only)



Full effect (vertex animation) only in 2021.2 URP.

No collision detection in HDRP.


Originally made in URPadapted to HDRP.

Visual Effect Graph from the Package Manager is required.

Contact me for any questions.


To test this out, simply press Play. You can shoot projectiles with Left Mouse button and spawn a shield with Spacebar.

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