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VFX Graph - Lightning Effects

VFX Graph - Lightning Effects

Here's the whole project created for the Lightning video


This package includes:

-12 Lightning Effects (2 customizable VFX Graphs)

-Highly Customizable (change texture, rate, color, size, vertex offset, etc in the inspector)

-Shaders (2 lightning shaders)

-Textures (smoke flipbook, impact flipbook, circles, flares etc)

-HDRP and URP only

-Limited Mobile support (high-end mobile devices only)



Originally made in URPadapted to HDRP.

Visual Effect Graph from the Package Manager is required.

Contact me for any questions (check my profile here in the asset store for contacts).


Available for Unity 2019.4 and Unity 2020.3 in URP and HDRP

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